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Opinion Surveys

With more than thirty years of experience in quantitative analysis, the principals of SmithJohnson Research have conducted literally hundreds of major research projects at home and abroad. Dr. Val Smith has been a pioneer in the application of quantitative analytical tools to bridge the gap between surveying opinions and developing strategies.

Focus Groups

Because SJR is primarily engaged in strategic research, we believe focus groups are most beneficial in developing and testing strategic hypotheses. Whether you are facing a marketing challenge, a political decision or a business crisis, SJR will help you use research to define, refine, and execute a strategic plan.

Corporate and Public Affairs

As a strategic research company, SmithJohnson Research makes an ideal partner for businesses, associations and industry groups that not only wish to monitor exactly how their company or industry is being perceived over time, but that want to proactively develop a strategy to influence opinion.

Advertising and Communications

In business, if it can’t be measured, it is likely that it didn’t happen. Stop spending ad dollars on campaigns that don’t move the needle. More importantly, use that same research to craft advertising that will.


Whether you are a start-up in search of a winning name, or a staid company looking for a makeover, it makes sense to measure opinion before committing the budget. From feasibility studies to name and logo design to choosing strategic alliance partners, SmithJohnson Research can help provide relevant data to make intelligent and informed choices on decisions big and small such as name and logo design or choosing strategic alliance partners.

Television and Radio Ad Testing

The previous industry standard for testing the effectiveness of radio and television ads was focus groups, sometimes augmented by dial tests, but such tests suffered from limited sample size and contamination across subjects. Tests like these can also be prohibitively expensive for many ad campaigns. SmithJohnson Research can provide online quantitative ad testing with full cross-tabulations, more quickly and at less cost than focus group testing.

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